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Lofting Evolution
Argonaut Marine focuses solely on computer lofting support. We do not provide design or engineering services and believe that the loft best serves the construction process by providing an independent service that collects data from the designer, owner, and shipyard and helps facilitate the most cost effective and efficient structural approach to new construction and ship modifications. I began working in the shipbuilding industry in the early 80's at a shipyard with a working full scale loft. The yard was building fully formed hulls which proved to be a challenge for the early computer lofting software. I was intrigued by the level of skill and understanding that the traditional loftsmen brought to the loft floor. The loftsmen were also a critical link between the shipyard's ability to provide construction details consistent with the expectations of the shipfitters. I spent several years researching and developing computer applications that utilized proven reliable manual methods as the basis for developing 3-D computer models. It is extremely important to match appropriate mathematical algorithms with the modeling function that describes the real world shaping of steel and aluminum. Over the years it has become apparent that all shipyards do not complete projects the same way. Each yard has developed their own competative advantages over the years and it is vitally important that the lofting support is flexible enough to accommodate each approach. It is also important to be able to evaluate and balance the interdependencies between labor and material to provide the most cost effective approach to any project. As was the case in the traditional loft, the output from the loft involves more then just cut parts. It requires review of all aspects of the structural construction process from design to material sizes and cutting. The long standing relationship we have with our customers, both shipyards and vessel owners, confirms the value that our approach has provided to new construction and vessel modification projects.

Mark Siburg.